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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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northwest washington and beyond you can see the sun has come up the skies look a little hazy this morning we will find out more about that in a moment, i am tony perkins in for steve. >> i am alison seymour. 77 degrees. lucky 7. there you go. make you look at it that way. >> good morning tucker. >> what a beautiful weekend. >> yes. >> changes today in the form of more humidity and heat. be ready for a hot one temperatures mid-90s. let's get a look at satellite radar you can see we've got generally quiet conditions across the mid-atlantic, eastern sea board nice and quiet. out to the west, chicago, rain showers, thunder showers developing that will bring us relief tomorrow up ahead of that winds out of the south in for a hot one this afternoon. temperatures right now regan national, updates, 76 at
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regan national, 72 baltimore, another morning here just not cooling off 70 fredericks burg and 73 hagueers town. forecast today, more heat and humidity than yesterday afternoon highs expected to be in the mid-90s. by 5:00 p.m., 93, 94 degrees. again just the chance for an isolated, late day thunderstorm north and west, more details coming up traffic and julie good morning. >> all right tucker so far so good no incidents reported at the wilson bridge. northbound 5 and 4 looking good out of wall door of. you will find lanes open as you travel westbound 495, silver springs no incidents reported volume delays, 95 and 295 open for business, sky fox was showing us a drive inbound on 50. headed into northeast, back
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inside update the ride northbound 395, duke street toward seminary road all your lanes open no incidents reported, springfield and of course 66, flowing east of 234 leaving the traffic rest area. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you very much montgomery county police are trying to piece together a deadly pedestrian accident german town route 118, aircraft drive before 1:00 a.m. appears a man was trying to cross the road when he was hit the striking vehicle remained on scene the victim was taken to local hospital where he later died. later this morning we will learn more details about the suspects accused in the murder of a korean business owner. he was found unconscious inside his burning convenience store back in april over the weekend police announced an arrest in this case and scheduled a press
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conference this morning 11:00 a.m. our top story this morning president barack obama is holding another news conference in just a few hours after more negotiations last night at the white house. >> despite a rare weekend meeting with top lawmakers apparently they did not make much progress. stacy live at the white house good morning. >> reporter: well, clearly this is an issue in which time is of the essence, congressional leaders were at the white house to meet with president obama to discuss the debt ceiling he is reportedly pushing for a major deal his package would include huge spending cuts as well as tax increases now that rare sunday night meeting is demonstrative of the enormous task at hand the president has to try to get democrats and republicans to agree upon a way to resolve trillions in differences, slash the deficit and increase the nations
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borrowing limit. >> everything they have told me and the speaker is to get a big package would require big tax increases in the middle of an economic situation extraordinarily difficult 9.2% unemployment. it is a job killer. >> we need to do something very big, substantial to bring long term debt down overtime we have to do that in a way that is good for the economy. >> reporter: of course there is a difference in opinion what is exactly good for the economy, house speaker john boehner said look the republicans are not going to agree on any package that includes any increases in taxes therefore the republican package is $2 trillion where as the deal the president has been pushing is a $4 trillion deal we should learn more at the press conference scheduled here at the white house 11:00 a.m.
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three small planes in three separate incidents had to be intercepted by fighter jets this weekend each plane flew too close to camp david. the first around noon saturday another later that night the third happened late yesterday morning in every case the planes landed without incident president obama spent much of the weekend at camp david. three rockets hit baghdad's green zone during a visit by the new u.s. defense secretary no reports of injuries. he is in baghdad to discuss the possibility of keeping some u.s. troops in iraq beyond 2011 he made an unannounced trip to afghanistan to meet with the troops. in a sign of worsening relations with pakistan the u.s. is withholding $800 million in aid to the country's army they want more aggressive action taken against the
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taliban and not happy about their decision to revoke visas for american military trainers according to reports by the new york times white house chief of staff william daily talked about the tricky relationship this week. obviously they have been an important alley in the fight on terrorism, victim of enormous amounts of terrorism but right now they have taken steps that give us reason to pause on aid we were giving to their military and we are trying to work through that. tensions between the two nations have been on the rise since u.s. navy seals killed osama bin laden during a raid on pakistani soil in may. another big story this morning, remembering betty ford the former first lady died friday she was 93. >> funeral services will happen tomorrow in the meantime sarah simmons is back with how folks are honouring her memory. >> betty ford broke down the
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barriers of sensitive topics most notably drug and alcohol addiction and breast cancer and did so thanks to her role as first lady a job she never thought she would have she once said when her husband gerald ford ran for congress she didn't think he would win she thought she would have a simple life being married to a former college football star, lawyer in grand rapids michigan but he did rise to majority leader then president and vice president but it is what happened in her white house yearafter that what she will be remembered for. addiction to painkilleralcohol lead her to seek treatment now she would later found the betty ford clinic which has treated tens of thousands over the years from celebrities to every day people a cancer diagnosis in the white house lead to a mast text my and she was very -- mastectomy and she was very candid about it.
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>> i think there are literally millions of mothers and daughters and sisters and aunts who are alive today because of that courage. >> by her legacy building the betty ford center she helped many people over the years. and over the weekend in grand rapids hundreds waited to sign a book of remembrance at the gerald r ford presidential museum they had a local tie to northern virginia as well they lived in a house on crown view drive alexandria for more than 20 years while gerald ford was in congress through his vice presidency and early days of his presidency. also, just down the street from that home is president gerald ford park a private funeral for betty ford is planned tomorrow in palm desert where they retired after public life. on wednesday the casket travels
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to grand rapids for a private burial thursday alongside her husband. thank you very much. a look this mornings other top stories, dc police looking for suspects in a shooting that killed two people and injured another the men were gunned down early saturday morning on park wood place in columbia heights sources tell fox 5 the shooting may have stemmed from a gambling dispute investigators are going through the footage from a crime camera posted nearby. >> still no arrests in the shooting death of a man in district heights early sunday morning 12:45 a.m. 1900 block row shell avenue, 26- year-old dwight hicks where has found with a gunshot wound and pronounced dead at local hospital. anyone with information is asked to call police. teenage bicyclist is in the morning after collide being a hit and run driver alabama and stanton terrace southeast late saturday night the 17-year-old was critically injured police
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caught up with the driver they believe hit him in prince georges county shortly after the incident no word on charges or identities of the suspected driver and injured bicyclist. we know the cause of an apartment fire that displaced dozens in alexandria an accidental electrical issue is to blame flames broke out early sunday morning moments later, residents rushed down the stairs some lost almost every thing but are thankful no one was hurt. >> we thank you god, thank you to god because my apartment is all my bed everything mixed up by thank you god we are alive. >> officials estimated the cost of the damage stands at $125,000. all right 7:10 a.m., 77 degrees on monday morning home prices across the nation continue to fall house prices here in dc are on the rise. what experts say helps the
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local housing market straight ahead. plus a strange sound over parts of our area this weekendly let you know what it was and why it may benefit your health coming up. ♪ [ music ] >> i was just listening to maroon 5 over the weekend. >> we get a live lookout side the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next, 7:11 a.m. 
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a look at this mornings top stories, final vote on a water rate increase. the proposal would increase
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service rates by 8% over each of the next 3 fiscal years, if passed the quarterly 3 month water bill would increase between 2 and $7 for the average household. despite economic concerns across the country it appears things are looking up for the housing market in the district a new report from real estate tracking firm clear capitol says while home prices are going down nationwide the group predicts they will rise here 3% and homeowner uhs could recoupe nearly a third of the value they lost. >> i have lived here 4 years i have seen the good and the bad times and it definitely i think is a good time. i have seen properties around the last couple months where for sale signs and i have seen sold within a couple weeks. >> i think we see a light at the end of the tunnel with the economy i don't know what light that is but we see something and we know that it is going to get better. >> so what makes dc a buyers market?
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experts say due to fewer jobs, lost because of the federal government, but also realtors say buyers report feeling better about spending again. is it a buyers market or a sellers market? >> well, they are trying to say sellers but i would imagine a buyers market too big time. >> and yeah. >> sellers market in dc but overall a lot less expensive to buy a house than it was -- >> generally speaking. >> okay. well, that is good news. >> that is great news. >> yeah, so subjective though. some people are still really hurting in dc. >> i mean it is good new that is you are able to sell and recouping some of what you lost but just recouping a third is not great. >> no. >> but better than nothing. >> all relative. there is a light at the end of theton until we don't know what color it is. >> we will find out. let's find out what color our weather maps will be, they will be red everywhere lots and lots of heat starting our morning on
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the very warm side here and muggy washington, 76 degrees, want to mention that the real focus of the heat the next week or so will be out to our west look how brutal these temperatures are this morning, st. louis is currently 85 degrees, 80 little rock, 80 dallas, some section of the country have a heat advisory 100 plus later today mix it with humidity will feel like 110 kansas city, st. louis, little rock down to dallas. really that heat will stick around 7 to 10 days we will get a taste of that but certainly not going to be as extreme as our friends west. we don't have a lot to show you, very quiet conditions in washington. should be mostly sunny, a dry day today too with exception of one or two isolated thunderstorms north and west but the next rain maker here is a cold front out through chicago that will bring us a
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nice cool down. until then get used to heat around here 94 this afternoon a hot one isolated thunderstorm late. 97 tomorrow, no thanks, heat index 100 plus and then wednesday, thursday and friday gradual cool down it gets better. >> we will hold out hope for that. thank you. let's find out what is happening on the roadways julie. >> all right you guys big problems to report right now outer loop of the belt way georgetown pike as traffic travels southbound off 495 you will find the mainline remains open coming from the american legion bridge headed down towards 66 lanes open but the service road is tied up because of this accident axe tiffty, one car at the end of the -- activity one car at the end of the jersey wall that is hung up causing the problem. some traffic on this service road can sweep by to the right but it is causing significant
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tie ups, across the american legion bridge. service road only one lane to the right able to get through. lanes open travelling on the other side of town. college park, coalsville road headed over toward georgia avenue, all your lanes are open. broken land parkway, 79, authorities checking for a crash at that location. thanks we continue to monitor metro for you this monday morning riders at the foggy bottom station have a brand new esculator to use. [ applause ] >> yay it opened last night even though it was scheduled to open today this esculator should help relieve long lines people face as they walked up and down stopped esculators, broken esculators, work now moves to the second one. here is a look where metro's esculators stand, 480 of transit agencies, 588 esculators are working 108
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under repair, 18% of metro's esculators won't be in use for today's commute. we ask you to monitor metro if you find safety concerns or problems, e-mail us your story pictures video send them to fox 5 metro@g >> if you are driving along the i-95 corridor maryland yesterday you may have seen a plane flying close to the ground part of a nasa experiment. improving the air we breathe. karen grey houston takes a closer look [ high pitched whistling sound ] >> reporter: the eerie sound emanated from a hidden location, howard university's beltsville campus. >> it is going that direction. there it is right on top of us. >> reporter: like a magnificent bird nasa's four engine t 3 b
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flew overhead its job measure air quality. >> a lot of small particles suspended in the atmosphere most from pollution and some of these will have a great impact on air quality. >> scientists and students from east coast school track the plane's flight path collaborated with nasa on detecting levels of ozone and other pollutants in the atmosphere. >> we are able to monitor the atmosphere, we are able to launch balloons which provide information on profiles of relative humidity, temperatures, of ozone. >> it flew at altitudes as low as 1,000 feet on the ground students prepared instrument that is would also take measurements. >> here we go. >> they would be attached to a balloon sent up just before the plane arrives, to get an ozone sampleling. >> the average person may be
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wondering what is the purpose of all of this measuring wind speed, temperature humidity, ozone levels well, there is a point. >> because when we inhale ozone, that is not good for our lungs. >> sunday's ozone levels were above 78%s per billion in the code yellow zone headed toward orange where people with respiratory problems should limit prolonged outdoor exertion. nasa is hoping the multiyear study will help improve the the ant of satellites to detect -- ability of satellites to detect pollution near the ground. >> 77 degrees. 7:22 a.m. on monday morning rue earth murdoch bid farewell to his newspaper in london and he is already got a bid on something else who is looking to block that deal coming up next. >> holly morris live at the fancy food show, sharing
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products from around the world we will check with her when fox 5 morning news continues, coming up on 7:23 a.m. right now 
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making headlines thismorning the search continues for survivors of a boat accident in russia, hope is fadeling for 90 people after a crews ship sank on the river yesterday. many of those missing are children nine people are confirmed dead 80 people rescued it is still not clear exactly how many people were on the ship. rue pert murdoch is in -- rupert murdoch is on damage control in london. sunday the news of the world tabloid owned by news corp., fox 5s parent company hit news stands for the last time now murdoch is looking to take over
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british sky broadcasting the british government is said to be looking at ways to block the deal. the deadline is fast approaching and seems as if little progress was made during yesterday's debt crisis meeting. coming up a closer look at what the president and congressional leaders discussed next in our political round up. >> as we take you to break, a live lookout side weather and traffic, tucker and julie, coming up next 7:27 a.m. 
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good morning atlanta and a special good morning to you sandy. >> that was great a nice high energy song for a nice day >> we didn't hear the song there but crew of space shuttle atlantis woke up to tough something by chumbawumba. >> if we can work it in lets. the four man crew is unloading a 21-foot canister full of supplies with a robotic arm and installing a multipurpose lodgistic module. can i ask a stupid
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question. >> sure. >> what does it look like up there at the international space station. >> what do you mean? >> does it look like the scene in star wars like the bar scene. >> no but here is what i wonder they have added so manycompartments and stuff i picture it as junkie and chunkie looking. >> old magazines, 1986, ranger rick. >> meantime here on earth we are going to be hot very hot humid, high temperatures mid- 90s. >> okay. >> and yeah, i think we will be dry maybe an isolated storm north and west generally dry hazy hot and humid. yesterday, nice one. weekend turned out great. regan national 92, 92 at dulles i show you these numbers because we are going up, up and away from here mid-to upper 90s
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time tomorrow before the cold front gets in here. here we go, 77 alison mentioned lucky number 77 washington, 77 currently in annapolis, 73 leonard town a typical july morning temperatures don't just bottom out in the 60s overnight lows, 70, 74 hagueers town. 71 martins bird. highs going to jump quickly, -- martins burg, highs going to jump quickly. 90s here. another quiet one expected mostly sunny skies a few fair weather clouds move in during the course of the day generally speak should be a good one our next weather maker the cold front north and west of chicago, means business. late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night it will gradually cool us down, wednesday, thursday, friday high temperatures only mid-to upper 80s we got to get there first the front won't get in until late in the day tomorrow get ready for a hot one heat
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index pushing 100. forecast, mostly sunny skies, hot and humid, code orange air quality alert. high temperature, 95 degrees winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour warm and muggy could be an isolated storm best chance north and west of the city 76, your overnight low another warm one overnight winds out of the south, 5 to 10. humid air, 97 tomorrow our hottest day this month so far 89 wednesday, thursday, friday back into the mid-80s less humidity. let's look at weather on time traffic and julie there she is. i can't believe it they don't know the song. ♪ i get knocked down, but i get up again ♪ >> your dancing is better than your singing. >> julie that is not saying much. >> all right on the roads, the outer loop, the crash in the service crash, where we will find a lot of this activity the
7:34 am
car involved in this crash, on the guardrail literally stuck here on the guardrail traffic in the service road is able to squeeze by single file to the right big delays carter rock as you travel out of maryland down to virginia. over to the maps those travelling inbound along 66 delays as you travel in out of monassis. capital belt way, about a 25 minute trip leaving fair lakes county parkway that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie thank you. after a sunday meeting at the white house not much progress made between president obama and congressionalleadership over the nations debt crisis this all as the clock is ticking joining us more, john, political editor human events newspaper and white house correspondent good to see you. >> thank you alison. >> democratic political consultant, president of norlinger associates. nice to see you.
7:35 am
the debt ceiling is all we have been hearing about talk about these talks yesterday, progress made at all? >> i don't think so. my hunch is when they got together earlier in the week they penciled out an agreement and said to the president let's see if we can tell it to our respective parties i think speaker boehner discovered he wouldn't be able to sell it to the republicans and there is no guarantee democrats would have gone along with the spending cuts either. >> john from your point of view much progress made? what happened yesterday? >> that being sunday i think they went in with intentions from isaiah 1:18 from now let us reason together but the final outcome was isaiah 1:20 if you refuse and rebel you would be devoured by the sword, the respective faces of both political parties i talked to a number of republican house freshman the week before they said absolutely there would be no consideration of anything that smacked of a tax increase
7:36 am
and the lesson of no taxes in any form has now been vented, on the republican leadership that will not come up in future discussions. >> taxes still the hurdle republicans cannot jump. >> well, you know in a sense it is the glue that holds them together i think you would have to take something really massive like going to a flat tax or something to get around this. >> let's talk about social security this seems to be the bagel feint in the room talked about -- elephant in the room talked about. the president talked about this, how damaging is this to folks that got him this office and how far might it go to reaching a compromise in the debt ceiling debate. >> sounds like they will agree to try to come up with 2 to $2.5 trillion worth of cuts you will have to look at it -- i don't think anyone is in the cut benefit more semantics of cutting the growth of benefits
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either by figuring out how to readjust cost of living increases, i have known for nearly 25 years any way that i will be getting my social security at 67 not 65, so i have had 25 years to prepare. >> right. and john, i will ask you, how huge of a compromise might this be if we see any change in an institution like social security. >> well, it would be size mattic almost, a very dramatic change if social security were touched a more likely possibility would be medicare or medicaid and i might point out the national governor's association, bipartisan organization, wrote the administration only days before the talks asking for a greater hand in working on medicaid which is the premier reason that states are wallowing in red ink. i would say that and greater cuts might be the example. i think the you want to look at an outcome look at the state of
7:38 am
california, where governor gerry brown proposed some tax increases with major cuts he got the cuts, but didn't get the tax increases, and i think that is the -- would be the final story, in this very long saga. >> i hate to bring politic into this when we are just trying to keep this whole thing together but next year is a very important year for the president you have talks about things like social security, medicare, is this just too far away from the issues that he campaigned on to help as he goes into his campaign mode next year. >> i think what he will be able to say is look i have been doing the very best i could with a terrible economy s other chickens -- and other chickens coming home to roost but he is keeping his eye on the elections next year. >> let's talk about dispointing job reports coming out last week john how damaging was this, is it just because of the
7:39 am
debt? what comes first, debt or unemployment let me ask about reaction when the unemployment rate rose a little bit. >> well, this certainly fueled a lot of the criticism from the republican party that administration is not doing enough to spur the engine of plenty, with tax cuts and other incentives, quite honestly, i think it also strengthened republican hand in opposing tax cuts on those who are in a best position to create more private sector jobs, and therefore, provide more revenue. i would not say it was not a good experience for barack obama at all. >> we hear that a lot gary, you are going to raise the taxes on the very people people will be helping get the job market moving again where is the -- this is not against you john but where is the truth or the facts in that and does one -- the cart go before the horse. >> yeah, i guess what i am fascinated by is who is the
7:40 am
country holding responsible for this the negatives for obama going into next year is by about a 2.5 to 1 margin, like 67% of the people think the country is going in the wrong direction, 25% think it is going in the right direction that is a terrible head wind for any president to seek re- election on the same time when you ask people who do they think is most responsible for the bad economy i awe is a poll saying only 8% hold barack obama responsible 25% hold wall street responsible by comparison. so so far you know, these terrible head winds but people don't seem to be holding him responsible for it that is the good news for him. >> you will have to come back i see you are ready to say something we are out of time appreciate you being here. >> always a pleasure to be here overnight is an eternity in politics as a former secretary of state jim baker once said. >> bible scripture is wonderful
7:41 am
quotes, political editor of human events in the white house, gentlemen thank you both >> i feel enlightened this morning thank you. 7:41 a.m. a new generation of young adults still relying on mom and dad for help when it comes to paying bills. coming up at 8, we will talk with one financial expert who has advice how to get your kids financially responsible. we will be right back
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if you like sports and soccer this is an incredible finish u.s. versus brazil women's world cup quarter finals u.s. down 2-1, incredible cross into the box ties it for americans, to force penalty kicks to decide the winner u.s. would go on to win the extra round, 5-3 defeat brazil to advance to semi finals against france good for them. excellent. >> excitement is in the one that scores. i always find penalty kicks
7:45 am
anti climactic. >> the last second. >> that is fantastic. >> did you watch? okay >> i watch a little bit it was great. >> a lot of soccer on this weekend. >> well, i am not going to get into it. never mind. >> d.c. united a big win saturday night. >> i am glad to see with sock tore women can be on par with the -- soccer, the women can be on par with the men as as viewer ship. >> is that true? >> i don't see this much enthusiasm for other women's sports. >> tennis and golf. >> volleyball. >> when was the last time you watched women's volleyball? [ laughter ] >> i am surprised by that. >> all right. a look at our weather forecast hey, you know what, 15 state this is week will have highs of 105 plus can you believe that? >> how do you know that? >> i know these things. >> he is a cry mat tollist.
7:46 am
>> -- climatologist. >> 77 in the city, ocean city 76, haggerstown. 74 degrees. not a lot to show you today will be sunny, hazy, humid, and late today we might see -- there you go, future cast trying to show one lonesome shower kicking up it is possible off the north and west we will see a few showers late today generally dry, hazy, hot and humid, 94 tomorrow much better chance for widely scattered showers and thunderstorms, 97, i think that will be the hottest temperature yet this month and then we will cool it down thursday and friday highs mid-80s and the week will be beautiful. >> thank you. >> if you are playing volleyball. >> did you happen to hear me tell tucker my parents air conditioner is out. >> oh, no. i will call them right after and tell them you got to get it done. >> today will be brutal.
7:47 am
>> julie wright may enjoy the women's volleyball she loves the beach scene. >> do you play? >> reporter: i do i love it. your parents can come skit at my house in the cool ac that will be fun we will have a little sit down. on the roads, people sitting in this bumper to bumper traffic on the outer loop of the belt way here georgetown pike this car stuck literally on the guardrail. lanes open on the belt way mainline down towards 66 and beyond. starting to slow, carter rock service road traffic squeezing by to the right gw parkway you have to access the outer belt loop from the georgetown pike outer loop university boulevard lanes open no problems along this stretch travelling along new york avenue, checking for a crash at that location. thank you julie we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day and that is not all, this is
7:48 am
valerie williams today is her birthday. >> happy birthday to you. >> sing it. >> she campaigned hard all weekend long. >> she did. >> she hit me up on my facebook page >> i like when people are excited and go after it. >> if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook looking for fox 5 morning news and then post a comment under valerie's photo. >> we like to thing we are the epicenterrer any way but the world is coming to dc. >> holly morris live at the fancy food show sharing unique products good morning holly. >> reporter: good morning unique is right and a whole lot of fun as we are live, talking fish from italy, jam from africa, fruit from chile and plantains from ecuador. 180,000 products will be show cased here and this is something where the general public can't come in but we are giving you the inside look this morning and talking about why
7:49 am
this show is so important all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
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welcome back 8 minutes until 8 holly morris learning about latest trends in the specialty foods fair today. good morning this is a really big deal normally this show is held in new york city but they finally have seen the light and brought it to the nations capitol everyone is excited to be a part ron tanner joins me for people not familiar this is a really big deal talk about that and the whole point of the show. >> this is a huge deal because it is where all the retailerrestaurants come to discover the products to their stores, they see over 100
7:53 am
exhibitors, people from africa and ecuador to maryland and virginia. >> why the shift in location. >> well, washington is becoming a really nice food city, people want to come down and experience it they want to come and see the city and all that it has to offer. >> we do have a lot to offer i wouldn't says the becoming a great food city it is. >> thank you. >> we know that at least those of us who live here right and one of the big things about this they are representing 80 countryregion get your passport out you and i are getting ready to go around the world and starting in italy, the trade commissioner of italy good morning to you. >> good morning. >> okay so let's talk a little bit about what you guys are hoping to get out of this show there is a whole lot more to italian food than pasta. >> yes, we have lots of italian restaurant in the united states, something simple, and this is the main ingredient, so that is why, italian cuisine is
7:54 am
so popular in the united states, we have exhibiting at the french food show in washington dc so we are in force to promote italian food italian recipe and restaurant. >> what is chef luigi fixing up here? >> doing something very particular he is using simple product like botaga. very healthy product they have a content of omega 3 doing salad with pecorino, a soar din january recipe and something that is very -- sardinia recipe and something that is very important everything is fresh. >> i have to move on now i am doing a lot of traveling in a short amount of time so i am going from italy to africa, you came all the way from sen gal. >> yes. >> you traveled 4,000 miles to
7:55 am
be a part of this show. >> crossed the atlantic just for you >> for us she came with her mom too tell me what you are show casing. >> taste of africa and we are 14 countries and i am presenting you our product so it goes from jams from senegal to the bilbao fruit, red hibiscus flowers, we have a dried mango here, from cameroon. >> you name it. >> organic cereal, millet you know millet >> i don't i will come back we will talk more about that and i will take that sandwich keep fixing it mom. it is looking good meanwhile i will travel from africa over to chile and chef rodriguez good to see you again >> you too. >> what are you guys hoping to show case here. >> freshness and quality, you have a whole range of product from olive oil and jams and all
7:56 am
these gourmet products that are really getting into the u.s. market so i am really happy. >> people wouldn't understand we wouldn't have fruit in the winter without chile. >> yep. >> last, but not least, corey that who is a trade commissioner from ecuador what are you show casing? >> well, bringing for this invitation to discover new flavours from ecuador, natural organic citrus product we are very conscious about the healthy nutrition fact so we are bringing in sun chips, snacks made we are the largest exporter of banana and plantain >> i got to go one great trip around the world i don't even have any jet lag coming up in the next hour we will talk about thetic comic impact of this show and also --
7:57 am
the economic impact of this show and jeff goldman ace of cakes is here. he heard it was a big deal. >> thank you holly not only do other country haves a variety of cooking products they have several ways of keeping off the pounds. at 8, which fad diets across the globe work 
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today president obama and congressional members will meet at the white house again. good morning i am tony perkens in for steve. >> i am alison seymour. also coming up this hour we will take a look how the so called boom rang generation, adult children going back to live with their parents could be financially ruining thom and horrible bosses a big hit at the box office many workers can relate to that comedy. some practical solutions for dealing with a difficult boss. we are also going to take a look at the hotst diet crazes
8:01 am
from around the world find out which ones work and which don't. like this is something called the ice cube diet. >> if you are just eating ice cubes that should work. >> right >> i don't think that is what you are doing. >> no, but fun to think of it that way. >> tucker barnes is here with an update on the steamy forecast. >> notably more humid than yesterday, mix the heat and humidity, accommodation for soup. >> pea soup. >> washington soup. a hot one let's get to it and show you satellite radar if you like sunshine we should be mostly sunny, clouds passing through, this afternoon generally nice and bright day, north and west, down toward chicago, cloud cover and rain and thunderstorm activity that is a cold front will cool us down mid-week we got to get there first high pressure will keep us dry with winds out of the south now, that area of high pressure flipping off the coast, we are going to be on the steamy side later today,
8:02 am
currently, 77, at regan national, 74%, dew point temperatures running close to 70, uncomfortable range, 8 miles per hour forecast today, let's just show the whole thing let's go for it. >> let's just do the five day. >> 94 today, 97 tomorrow before we cool down, toward the middle end of the week. thank you sir. thank you. >> let's head on over to julie to see how it is looking on the roadways. >> good morning you guys stale lot of trouble headed into northeast washington that is where we had the crash in bound, new york avenue, a couple lanes blocked off here at the scene d dot tells me the accident has cleared problems with signal lights not working, backing up traffic working through northeast washington traveling the outer loop, georgetown pike accident activity resting in this shoulder area, if you will, strike safety zone lanes are open, big delays on the outer loop 270, working your way past
8:03 am
river road that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. president barack obama is holding another news conference later this morning, after he held more talks on raising the debt ceiling at the white house last night, on a sunday. a race to avoid a default on the country's debt and all needs to be worked out in less than two weeks we get more now from stacy cohen live outside the white house. >> good morning alison this is a race no one seems to be winning at this current moment, congress was here over the weekend at the white house all the talks failed to produce an agreement as we mentioned, time is of the essence in this discussion the president is backing a massive $4 trillion deal, to reduce the debt, now that would include dramatic spending cuts, but also tax increases, now republicans have no taste for tax hikes and they are backing a much smaller package, of $2 trillion.
8:04 am
august 2nd we are left running on fumes we have no capacity to borrow. if they don't act then we face catastrophic damage to the american economy and the leadership, to their credit and republicandemocrats fully understand. >> no one is not talking about not raising the debt ceiling. >> some are. >> i have not heard that discussed by anyone not in the congress. >> there is talk about trying to find an agreement within the next several days the debt ceiling deadline is august 2nd whether or not they are discussing not raising that debt ceiling they have to come to an agreement and that has proven extremely difficult we are expecting to hear more details from president obama at his news conference at 11:00 a.m. here at the white house back to you. >> we will be watching stacy thank you so much. >> residents of northern virginia invited to participate in a workshop, principles and
8:05 am
priorities how would you balance the budget, 4301, it is free to folks in his district but he is asking people to register. alison some encouraging news about the housing market for people living in the district of columbia, looks like fewer sellers have had to drop their asking prices recently, fox 5s. ross explains those prices are going up. >> reporter: these are apparently the signs of the real estate times, word is things are looking up at least in the dc region. susan just sold her capitol hill row home at full asking price same for another home down the block. >> i think it had its open house saturday but sold before the open house tuesday so it is a great place for sellers around here right now. >> according to a new report from real estate tracking firm
8:06 am
clear capitol, expect the dc region to end the year as the nations best housing market home prices are going down nationwide, the group predicts home prices here will rise almost 3% and homeowners could recoupe nearly a third of the value they lost. >> i hope we can get you into a bidding war or get buyers into a bidding war on this place it is possible. >> reporter: why thurston is taking the plunge moving to seattle and debating whether to rent or sell his 1 bedroom capitol hill condo. >> i lived here about 4 years and i have seen the good and the bad times and it is definitely i think good time. i have seen properties around last couple months where i have seen for sale signs and seen sold within a couple weeks. >> experts chalk it up to fewer jobs lost here because of the federal government, but also realtors say buyers report feeling better about spending again >> i think we see a light at the end of the tunnel with the economy i don't know what that light is or what color but we
8:07 am
see something and know it is going to get better. >> she is buying another home near her husband's new job and says the new mortgage is where she hit an unexpected snag. >> we have what is considered good credit my husband has a good job we are what i think is considered pretty good candidates it has been a run around. >> even with those low interest rates looks like some banks are still making it hard for some folks to get mortgages. fox 5 news. time for a look at today's other top stories montgomery county police prying to figure out what caused a deadly -- trying to figure out what caused dead lipe dustry january accident german town before 1:00 a.m. it appears a man was trying to cross the road when hit in the southbound lane the striking vehicle remained on scene. just a few hours, we will learn more about the suspect in the homicide of a business
8:08 am
owner back in april a man was found unconscious inside his burning convenience store over the weekend prince georges county police announced an arrest made in the case more information at a news conference scheduled 11:00 a.m. this morning. detectives in dc are still looking for the gunman responsible for a triple shooting columbia heights over the weekend the shooting on park wood place near 14th street left two dead and a third in critical condition. police are now identifying the other two who were killed, they say 32-year-old jimmy similar mono31-year-old dominic barber who both lived in northwest dc. 8 minutes after 8:00 a.m. being called the boom a rang generation adult children going back home to live with parents. a closer look at the financial impact this could have on your retirement. >> we are also going to take a look at the hotst diet crazes from around the world find out which ones work which don't stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back t
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:11 a.m. let's look at stories making headlines relations with pakistan, just keep getting worse now the u.s. is withholding $800 million in aid to that country's army tensions between the united states and pakistan have deteriorated since the killing of osama bin laden two months ago in pakistan. >> an apartment fire in alexandria displaced 27 people it happened 3:00 a.m., sunday morning, investigators say working fire alarms at the complex likely saved many lives. >> damage estimated to be $500,000, the cause is still under investigation. and there is a new esculator in service at foggy bottom the next generation esculator should help relieve long lines people face walking up and down broken esculators work now moves to the second esculator. >> there are not many cities
8:13 am
where a new esculator at a subway stop would make the news. >> right. tucker barnes is at the weather desk,. >> right over there. >> word on today's -- >> all the way over here. >> yeah. >> we usually call it the mpd. >> multipurpose desk. >> inner workings alison. >> sorry. >> my first 5 photo of the day coolness factor will cool you down and this is,. >> oh,. >> cute as can be. this is aubrey. >> i love that name. i love that >> love the spelling of it look at her -- >> look at those rosie cheeks. >> she is loving that ice cream sandwich. >> she has found a yummy way to cool off. >> if you are a kid that has a great snack for you nothing health wise but soft,. >> cool for little gums.
8:14 am
>> like you are doing an advertisement. >> better than a nutty budty. >> you are right about that. >> that is for you julie. wonderful day you are going to need that later today keep those cheeks nice and rosie because we are going to be on the hot side, very hot sweltering although it could be worse i will show you where. currently 77 washington out to our west, orange on your map that section of the country will deal with extreme heat for the next couple days by extreme we mean actual air temperatures many spots, 105 plus by tomorrow already, 85 st. louis, 80 little rock, new orleans, heat advisories, we will get a little taste of that tomorrow upper 90s but still could be worse and will be worse out to the west, for the next couple days, our forecast looking bright and sunny, there is your satellite radar quiet conditions immediate washington area, off to the north and west
8:15 am
pretty vigorous cold front going to bring some dangerous thunderstorms to chicago in an hour or two. late tomorrow it will bring us relief in the form of cooler temperatures and lower humidity but doesn't get here until late tuesday and wednesday next couple days we will be on the sweltering hot side, 94 this afternoon, 97 tomorrow no thanks could be late day thunderstorm tomorrow and wednesday and cooler and dryer by the end of the week. >> that is a look at your weather forecast, on time traffic and some body who knows all about ice cream bars and nutty buddies. >> aubreighs parents need to teach their child how to share i would love the bite of an ice cream sandwich. now i get to tell me trainer joe, tony perkens said i can eat an ice cream sandwich because it has milk in it. >> absolutely. >> accident activity cleared, 270 headed south inner loop
8:16 am
expect delays, massachusetts at 34th street crews working on a water main break, outer loop still grid locked that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. parents who give adult children a financial assist may be putting their own retirement in serious jeopardy the finding of two recent surveys about the so called boomerang generation young adult who is still rely on parents for help with bills when and how should parents help adult children? a portfolio manager at fbd capital partners and has advice for boomerang parents. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to read this stat, both of these studies found 60% of parents with nonstudent children, between the ages of 18 and 39 have been helping kids, financially and some of these kids have moved back in, with their parents, why are these figures so high. well, we need to
8:17 am
distinguish the difference between gifting as part of an estate plan that maybe is included in that, wealthier families gifting some funds to the generation below them, some of which are gainfully employed and it is part of their overall plan, and versus, kids actually boomer hanging and moving back into the home with the parents where the parents are paying mortgage, grocery, utilitya lot of times paying cell phone billcar insurance and the boomer hang generation is comprised not only of generation y or millennials but with the great recession including some of the generation behind them, generation x parents are mostly baby boomers, and they are in a unique situation while their kids are moving back into the home with them they are the sandwich generation taking care of their own kids as well and parents, who are getting on in years and need help financially
8:18 am
for health care. >> boomers themselves nearing retirement age. >> that's right. >> this is a real financial strain on the baby boomer generation in particular. >> it can be and it is something that a lot of clients are dealing with on a -- currently and one of the things we advice is really have a plan in place, have a conversation if you know that a young adult is moving back into the home, have a plan, kind of outlining, steps, preferably timeframe, and what is going to be required of them whether it is financially or providing assistance around the house. >> you don't necessarily want them to move in scott free depends on the situation. >> correct. >> under going major issue. >> yes. >> obviously but i want to show you some of the tips that you all have on things parents should do, to -- or can do to help their kids because there is a difference between helping and enabling these adults. >> absolutely. so you know, helping set up a w
8:19 am
initial inflow of cash are is great to consider and i am a big fan of charging rent and that sounds maybe unpopular, but whether it is $100 or $400 what you are doing is laying the framework for financial independence having a required payment every month, and again it is not the amount it is the consistency on the 1st of the month they are required to pay something to live under your roof. >> psychologically it sends a message as well, to the young person who moved back in. >> absolutely there is no free lunch whether i live in an apartment with a few friends or at home with my parents. >> what are somethings you are finding parents are doing that they definitely should not do. i imagine from the way we were talking earlier one thing is you shouldn't be dipping into your retirement funds. >> yeah you have to put again most of the parents are at a
8:20 am
point in their lives where they are in their -- getting closer and closer so to sacrifice their own retirement to help give their kids a leg up early on, a little easier for the kids to be nimble or younger people to be nimble and adjust i think the timeframe is huge and having that conversation upfront because if you don't 3, 6 months down the road now all of a sudden, they have been living back in your home scott free and you try to lay ground rules and that can lead to uncomfortable conversations. >> what are signs where you will know, okay my child is just not handling their money very well. where you know it is an actual problem not just bad times. >> yeah, well, for -- i think the biggest sign is for people beyond college most of the boomer angers are if they are still living a life like
8:21 am
college but just under their parents roof and no obligations, no responsibilities with that, they are just kind of you know, floating along and parents are footing the bill and i think you know having a specific time that two or three months down the road we are no longer paying your cell phone bill six months down the road car insurance is back on your plate here is what it costs now check out what this is going to cost you on your own and you know there is no claim down the road you just drop this on me it is part of the plan. >> help not enable thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. 8:21 a.m. on this monday morning the pilot of three planes got a surprise escort from fighter jets when they strayed into restricted air space we will check out other stories making headlines this morning at 8:30 a.m. then it is not open to the public so fox 5 maybe your only ticket to the fancy food show going on at the convention sent aerolook at different foodproducts on display stay
8:22 am
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>> baghdad's green zone was hit by three rockets during a visit by the new defense secretary
8:25 am
the rockets were fired from a shiite dominated neighbourhood no deaths reported, he is in baghdad to meet with iraqi leaders to discuss the possibility of keeping some u.s. troops in that country after this year's withdrawal deadline. his visit to iraq follows on unannounced stop in afghanistan he visited the 115th combat support hospital before addressing troops there meanwhile violence in that country is down in some heavily populated areas where u.s. lead coalition troops have been concentrated, general patreus said the trend would likely continue through july. maryland senator meet s with wounded soldiers in be these da he will take a tour of the fisher house and national intrepid center of excellence it specializes in advancing clinical care, research and education of service members
8:26 am
who experienced traumatic brain injury and psychological conditions. some of them are helped by the care of a four legged kind a new dog has been added to the pet therapy unit a group of canines that visit wounded warriors, a 5-year-old retriever recently joined three other dogs who bring comfort to patients, visitors and staff. it is 8:26 a.m. on this monday morning, tucker has today's high at 94 degrees going to feel warmer than that too. it comes at the same time there is a new list out of the country's hottest cities we are talking temperature wise. >> yes. find out where washington ranks. >> the hottest diet crazes from around the world some very interesting find out which ones work and which ones don't, stay with us, we will be back in just a moment. 8:26 a.m.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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three small planes had to be intercepted by fighter jets for flying in restricted air space this weekend the first incident happened noon saturday another later that night the third late yesterday morning. in every case the pilots of the planes landed without incident. low flying nasa planes along the i-95 corridor yesterday to measure things like ozone and carbon monoxide in the air the goal better be able to forecast and regulate pollution sunday's ozone levels were in the code yellow zones headed towards orange, that means people with respiratory problems should limit outdoor exception. >> dc -- exertion. tc named the sixth hot -- dc named the sixth hottest city in the nation the average temperature is 86 degrees topping the list yuma arizona. >> that is high.
8:31 am
deep south, texas, and then dc. >> i thought it would be hot -- >> i thought so too >> they broke it into different regional parts of the country we are technically in the northeast we are the hottest city in the northeast but also the southernmost it is a little misleading. >> all right. >> mid-atlantic but okay. >> yeah, they consider northeast but yeah, it is hot we all know that. living here for a long time. >> it will be today too. >> yeah >> mother nature going to deliver heat and humidity that is the theme around here the next couple days. and early weeks humidity returns the weekend was nice sunshine, some seasonably hot temperatures upper 80s low 90s today, you are going to notice the humidity mixed with high temperatures notably more uncomfortable heat index later this afternoon will be pushing 100 i am afraid, working outdoors, that kind of thing your animals bring them inside later today these conditions
8:32 am
will get dangerous later today. temperatures 79 up to 79 jumped 2 degrees regan national, 77 lots of 77 that is a winning number today, hmm, quantico, leonard town, gaithersburg burg, frederick, and baltimore, 77 as well. highs mid-90s. low to mid-90s maybe 93, 94 degrees isolated risk of a shower or thunderstorm north and west of the city. satellite radar not a lot going on should be mostly sunny day, a few clouds, a few fair weather clouds, move on through from the north and west during the course of the afternoon our next focus is on this frontal system it will bring damaging thunderstorms to chicago, severe thunderstorm watch in chicago but when it gets here late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, behind this front cooler and dryer air good heat around here and then wednesday, thursday and friday
8:33 am
temperatures only in the 80s. not bad. probably a good forecast, 94 this afternoon isolated thunderstorm late, tomorrow late in the day thunderstorms, 97 tomorrow i think that will be our hottest temperature this month and cooler temperatures thursday and friday. weather forecast, alison over to you. thank you tucker long been said america is the fattest nation in the world more than two thirds of americans obese or over weight maybe we can learn a thing or two from diets in other nations. joining us with a look at which ones work and which are just a craze, welcome mar la thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> when we hear diet we want to know what is good what is not crazy and what can help us feel better about ourselves. >> absolutely. there is diets from everywhere every week there is a new diet
8:34 am
on the market somethings work and somethings are just a fad >> i can't wait to here in japan, they have the banana diet. >> japanese banana diet tells you the secret is a banana, 1 to 4 for breakfast whatever is your comfort level that is the premise of their diet however when you start to investigate more you find out, no dairy, no dessert, can't eat after 8 i am not sure it is the banana that keeps you from eating although there is thought a banana is healthy,. >> kind of filling. >> absolutely. gets digested in your lower intestina lot of people find it keeps them full and doing the right thing. >> read about one gentleman who lost 37 pounds. >> absolutely when your mind is set on a diet some times that is your focus i am going to try a diet even if it is bananas. >> at the end you are like i don't want another banana period. >> israel, we kind of use this
8:35 am
for our teases a lot the ice cube diet, we figured it was a regular ice cube but no it is something special. >> exactly from israel they take the plant hoodia they add lemon and lime and freeze it the concept is there is a molecule in hoodia, called c 57 what it does is send as signal to your brain telling you you are full acts like sugar carbohydrates do but comes from a plant allowing you to be less hungry. >> we heard a bunch about hoodia awhile back. >> it was used in many diet pills they are the stimulant in caffeine this is pure plant, pure natural, healthy doesn't interact with medications and other concussions and takes the -- conditiontakes the edge off and they recommend a lot of unsaturated facts, and legumes and beans. >> you sound like you like this one >> i like diets that teach
8:36 am
about food you know what you are doing it makes a difference. >> a nation not known for diets but delicious food, france this doesn't look like i have seen at local restaurants. >> it is almost the england diet kate middleton supposedly went on the duka diet made of high proteins sort of like our atkins we had here basically the premise you have four stages attack stage 100 protein foods you eat then it goes to cruise stage you add in vegetables, consolidation, twice a week you get a celebrator meal and then stabilization the premise is you are going to do this for 150 to 300 days long term diet however it is a lot of protein got to be really careful of your kidneys take it too long you may develop kidney stones and a lot of things you have to look at the long term effects. >> last but not least you are going to say you like this one the south america can, hot
8:37 am
latin diet. >> i think it sounds exciting the hot latin diet really nice made up of nine power foods they take foods they think stim nutrients, cilantro, avocado, nice, spicy, cinnamon food the premise they all have medicinal effect, flush out toxins and also if you thing about it spicy tasty food taste so good you need a smaller amount you eat less because it is tasty you probably need to live near a culturally diverse super market to get the items they recommend and the recipes are exotic you have to be a pretty good chef in the kitchen that would be the negative but they are tasty and delicious. >> yeah, so is this the winner south america can? >> i don't know if there is a winner i like that, the cube diet teaches you how to eat no matter what you do you need to do exercise and learn what to take in. >> this is so interesting
8:38 am
appreciate you coming by this is mar la, registered dietician fascinating stuff we can learn a little bit from opening up our minds to other nations tony what do you think? >> i think it is great try different things we appreciate it. all right it is 8:38 a.m. you may just be waking up but astronauts onboard atlantis have been hard at work for hours more on what song they woke up to and more word on some space junk that could come close to the shuttle and international space station stay with us we will be right back
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪[ music ] >> good morning atlantis and a special good morning to you today sandy. >> hey, that was great a nice high energy song for a nice busy day good morning everybody. >> not the dj you would expect playing that song. space shuttle atlantis woke up to chumbawumba they will unload a 21-foot canister full of supplies, hopefully there will be a surprise as well. >> one of those funny snakes that pop out of the can. >> multipurpose lodgistic module. >> nasa keeping a close eye on
8:42 am
space debris that could come close to the shuttle and international space station the first possible instance could come midday tomorrow the same time the crew does their space walk a piece of space debris came within 1100 feet a few weeks ago there is said to be a half million pieces floating around earth's or bit this is the final flight of nasa's 30 year shuttle program. >> 8:42 a.m. on monday morning horrible bosses was a big hit at the box office turns out many workers can really relate to this comedy. >> coming up practical solutions for dealing with a difficult boss. holly. hey, tony i am watching the experts at work it is the team from charm city cakes here with me live at the convention center because this is the place to be over the next few days in terms of food, wine, anything you can eat you name it it is the summer fancy food show, we are going to talk about what this is all about and the the economic impact how good this is for the city, stay
8:43 am
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8:46 am
if you are looking for work. >> don't forget about our job shop. >> our john of the day with epilepsy found -- our job to have day with epilepsy foundation land over. looking for a manager. now it is no wonder bad bosses often make it to the big screen many workers apparently can relate according to a new survey from staffing firm office team 46% of employees say they have worked for an unreasonable manager. >> short of quitting your job how can you deal with a difficult boss. josh howard, a regional manager with office teams earlier this morning. so what do people do? first off, this survey is pretty staggering when you see how many people are kind of in that position. >> it is and it is staggering to see the number of individuals stay with their current employer despite having
8:47 am
an unreasonable boss. >> we talked about it, it could be just with the economic issues now a lot of people feel they can't go any where or have tried and cannot find work. >> yeah, we thing that is part of it a lot of individuals are looking but just not having luck finding anything many folks are you know just a little bit afraid to go out and look for a new position right now for fear that they might not find anything. >> now, this survey shows 46% of employee haves worked for an unreasonable manager, 59% stayed in their jobs what can they do if they are going to stay in their job what is the best way to work through this? >> i think in general terms it is communication, some times it is on the employee to be very proactive about improving communication with their manager and having conservations about what -- conversations about what things may be frustrating them. >> we have aeries of different -- a list of different types of bosses many people may be able
8:48 am
to relate let's talk about the first one micro managing mark who is that? doesn't like to delegate tasks and there for is constantly looking over his or her employees shoulders to make sure the work is being done and not giving them freedom to make decisions or do to work on their own. >> how do you try to get over that? >> usually a trust issue so i think by keeping mark up-to- date and. to the minute on how you are doing on a task and progress you are making, typically will help and will help to build trust for future projects. >> that could just be a trust issue. quickly, sally the saboteur. >> likes to take credit but doesn't give out credit so some times can undermine her employees performance or progress. directionless doug. >> poor communicator deadlines and goals often times are not
8:49 am
clearly communicated and therefore missed. >> box of chocolates betty this is interesting, i don't know what to come up with here what is that one? >> box of chocolates betty the person that you don't know what you are going to get day in and day out one day she could be warm and friendly next day cold and demanding it is important to make sure that the employee keeps their cool and keeps their behaviour consistent to work with betty. >> bullying bob. >> yeah, bullying bob likes things done his way or the highway just again communication wise very important that you are constantly communicating with bob as to your rational as to why you want to do things the way you think it should be done >> i know we are out of time but a lot of people are out there in that position what do you do if you have to stay do you think it is figuring out what your boss is like and kind of knowing how to negotiate them? >> yeah, i think you know to a large degree especially in a market now you have to adapt
8:50 am
yourself to work with the people in your environment. secondly if it is really unbearable, conversations with a mentor or human resources department in your company and lastly if it is not something you can manage you know maybe time to look for a new employer. >> all right josh howard we could talk about this even more we will have you back hopefully and you've got a lot of good advice we appreciate you coming. >> there you go. thank you say are. >> 80 countryregions at the fancy food show. >> holly morris is there to get a special look at the event that is not open to the public. holly you are our only way in. >> reporter: that's right. special access is what we are calling our segments this morning when it comes to summer fancy food show this is a big deal over the next couple days, 30,000 people here trade only show that means only people in the business can come in and see but you will see all these products in the near future this is the food industry as it is going to be not so far away,
8:51 am
but this is a big deal for the city and that is where elliot ferguson comes in president of destination dc and joins me on the convention floor good morning. >> good morning. >> you can feel the excitement here. >> you are right, for washington dc it is good we have the show here especially the month of july don't have a lot of conventions it was a long time coming to get them back to washington. really excited about fancy foods coming back to the city after 20 years away. >> the economic impact of them being here, all these vendorall the people coming to visit is wonderful but it is a chance to give a shot in the arm to our own food industry here in dc. >> you are absolutely right with that what we are doing this year is doing a campaign called dc eats summer of foods did i haves us a chance to go after the local -- gives us a chance to go after the local market, the fact that we booked this show in washington this year and next year.
8:52 am
>> even though this is a closed show if you go to that website through the program this is a way for people to see what is going on. is the opportune phi for folks to go -- opportunity for folks to go on our website and find out what is happening in the city as we go after the dc eats summer of foods campaign we encourage folks to go to to find out what is happening in this city. >> thank you for coming out. always good to see you. >> happy to be here. >> another thing happening as we speak is some creativity in the cakes department no one is better at that than charm city cake folks who have come all the way from baltimore, tommy, elena and sofia, jeff goldman is sleeping in behind any successful super star there is the real team that does the work. he didn't hear me say that he is sleeping. >> we are doing an americana
8:53 am
themed cake sofia is painting gold around the edges of the bottom of the cake in the end it is going to look like this sketch. >> wow. >> you know, that is the general idea. >> right. right. just general if you were going to whip up an american themed cake that is what you would do. >> what do you like about working on these high end cakes? >> it is just challenging, we never know it is always -- we never know what we are going to come up with just challenging but also sort of meditative like having to paint you know. >> you are just like an artist at work. >> yeah. >> right your creative outlook only it is very tasty. >> and so you are working and this is -- >> fondant, we have these little star cutters you can buy and use them at home with your kids or whatever you know just to make like a charm city cake at home. >> that is part of what the product line that you guys are show casing here a way for
8:54 am
people because they see these and go i could never do a cake like that there is a whole line, and tommy is working on that cake, you could make something like that at home? >> yeah, there is actually these cake tattoos, and there is one that likes like this it is easier you stick them right on the tiers and stack it and you have your own animal print cake. >> where will people get this stuff? >> your local craft stores, michaels, and places similar to it. >> very cool and looks like you are a member of the team. >> mm-hmm. >> pretty good team to be a part of our website we have a link to charm city cakes, and a link to the fancy food show site so you can find out more in our next hour more cool products, watermelon hinted water i think we are going to do snow cones out of, wine ice cream and a creation with jelly bellies like you have never
8:55 am
seen before some might says the a bit magical stay tuned for that. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> love magic. >> summer is often a time when people move. >> if it is just across town or across the nation which local moving companies rate the best we will ask coming up in our next hour time now 8:55 a.m.  these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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welcome back i am tony perkens. >> i am alison seymour. two teens accused of plotting a horrible crime investigators believe they plotted, tortured and killed and dismembered another student more on how they were caught and reaction from other students. >> comcast, bank of america, american airlines all big company that is don't always farewell when it comes to
8:59 am
customer satisfaction but there is one company that scored lower than all of those yep, we are talking about petco. and roughly, half way through the summer now, plenty of time left to get out and enjoy. still summer left. >> yes. >> the frugal socialite will join us to talk about nearby trips you can take that will not break the bank. >> something we always want the know about. >> oh, yes. >> if you are outside today taking a trip it will be a hot one, tucker barnes is down stairs in the weather center all details on that. >> good morning, more heat and more humidity in the forecast. we want to emphasize more humidity later today as temperatures will be jumping into the 90s. well into the 90s and yeah, more and more uncomfortable, 79 regan national baltimore 77 degrees, ocean city maryland, very balmy 80 and winchester, 70 degrees let's look at the


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